Product Strategy & Analytics Manager

  • Customer and Product
  • Sliema, Malta

Product Strategy & Analytics Manager

Job description

Position Purpose:

Reporting to the assigned Head of Risk, Fraud & Payments Operations, the jobholder will manage the RFP Operations Strategy team comprised of specialists that include the following positions: RFP Resource Development Specialist, RFP Projects and Investigations Specialists & RFP Data Management and Analysis Specialist; and have full oversight of the Risk, Fraud & Payments scope from a technical perspective for all available Betclic Group applications and regulations.

The jobholder is responsible for the absorbing of requirements from the Risk & Compliance, Fraud & Payments Operations teams, the redaction of BRs/EoNs & functional specifications, the maintenance of current release plans and schedules & roll out of new topics with appropriate dissemination of business information. The jobholder is central to the organisation and delivery of RFP Operations roadmap topics, able to comprehensively define what is needed for Product Owners & Development teams and deal with problems stemming from requirements or deliverables.

Consequently, it is key that the jobholder has a high attention to detail and is meticulous with a strong understanding of Risk & Compliance - Fraud & Payments together with how our various systems and tools work. The individual must be a good communicator both written and verbally and is expected to be able to confidently highlight/challenge problems/issues constructively and overcome them with the help of others.


Key Responsibilities/Duties:

  • Handling and administrating the human resource recruitment for the team, including training
  • Providing regular feedback on team’s performance: Quality Checks & Quarterly/Annual Reviews
  • Managing the homogenous development and upskilling of operational staff to a high level of expertise
  • Being responsible for providing reports upon request from Senior Management
  • Be responsible for keeping Confluence up-to-date with respect to RFP OPS procedures & projects
  • Be responsible for the daily monitoring of RFP Operations KPIs and alerting/working alongside with the relevant stakeholders to identify the cause of evolutions up & down and find solutions if required.
  • Staying aware of key issues within the department and maintaining a strong knowledge of our back- office tools and their settings, strengths and weaknesses
  • Ensuring adherence with gaming regulations applying to the respective Betclic Group brands while working on Risk & Compliance - Fraud & Payments Operations projects
  • Overseeing the smooth and efficient application of the chargeback representment and recovery procedures whilst ensuring it remains optimised
  • Ensuring that all chargeback statistics and information are channelled back into the Risk & Compliance
  • Assisting the Head of Risk, Fraud & Payments Operations in major company programmes requiring key deliverables from RFP - defining project plans and identifying major issues in advance and tracking/driving progress towards delivering these projects in a timely and effective manner.
  • Helping to prioritise the roadmap based on ROI and ensure that high standard, accurate and complete Expression of Needs (EON) and functional specification documents are submitted in a timely manner to the program of functional project management in line with business milestones/deadlines
  • Maintaining a departmental roadmap & backlog of project needs/requirements for technical implementations
  • Liaising with stakeholders and parties impacted by RFP projects to find win/win positions - overcoming roadblocks
  • Regularly helping to clarify requirements with the Product Owners/tech team directly and addressing problems with topics or timelines as best as possible, alerting stakeholders as needed
  • Staying aware of how items in development are progressing, sourcing demos as needed throughout development to help ensure optimal delivery
  • Managing roll-outs of major RFP OPS projects, including timely UAT and critically, ensuring the right stakeholders are kept informed and fully briefed in advance of roll-outs impacting them and being responsible for ensuring appropriate comprehensive training has been delivered

Job requirements

Key Skills and Attributes:

  • An excellent presenter of ideas and issues to stakeholders
  • A strong, effective and fair decision maker
  • Excellent interpersonal, leadership & communication skills
  • Excellent administration, planning and organizational skills - a self-starter
  • Able to motivate oneself and others in challenging conditions
  • Innovative - to identify opportunities for improvements in existing processes & systems
  • Flexible, enjoying a frequently changing environment


Qualification and Experience:

  • Previous experience in iGaming in a leadership position
  • At least 5 years’ experience of counter fraud & risk with extensive knowledge of flaws in processing which can manifest in fraud together with what associated countermeasures can be applied to mitigate the threats - both technically and with human intervention
  • Being technically savvy with a good understanding of the logistics, mathematics and development applying to Risk & Compliance - Fraud & Payments infrastructure is also needed.
  • Ideally with compliance, responsible gaming and/or anti-money laundering qualifications
  • Working knowledge of common 3rd party gaming industry products, service providers and systems are considered an asset